The government and local utility companies offer incentives in the form of rebates or tax credits to those who buy energy efficient appliances such as air conditioning.

Energy Star Partner

Air-Con International is a proud Energy Star Partner. We strive to provide energy efficient air conditioning that suits your needs while being better for the environment.

Several of our Air-Con units can qualify for federal and state rebates or tax credits.
The following units are Energy Star certified:

AHRI Reference NumberSeries NameOutdoor Unit ModelIndoor Unit ModelCapacity (BTU)SEER
203446794Blue Series 3ABXCI4H4S09ABXEM4H4S09


203446795Blue Series 3ABXCI4H4S12ABXEM4H4S121200022
203446799Blue Series 3ABXCI4H4S18ABXEM4H4S181800023.3
203446800Blue Series 3ABXCI4H4S24ABXEM4H4S242340021
10272500Blizzard SeriesABZCI4H4S09ABZEM4H4S09900028
10272501Blizzard SeriesABZCI4H4S12ABZEM4H4S121200025
10149864Multi Split SeriesAMTCM4H4R18180022
10149867Multi Split SeriesAMTCM4H4R242400021
10149870Multi Split SeriesAMTCM4H4R302840021
10149873Multi Split SeriesAMTCM4H4R363400021


To find out if you qualify for federal, state, or local energy efficiency incentives visit one or more of the websites below: